Friday, December 30, 2011

"Harry's Law": Erica Durance Does 'Wonder Woman'

Sneak Peek actress Erica Durance ("Smallville") as DC Comics' 'Wonder Woman', in the NBC "Harry's Law" episode "Gorilla My Dreams", airing January 11, 2012 :

"...'Harry' (Kathy Bates) and 'Tommy' (Chris McDonald), in the midst of duck hunting, discover that the owner of the hunting preserve has been covertly housing a gorilla. Swayed by the gorilla's incredible intelligence and gentle demeanor, Harry agrees to help. Meanwhile, 'Adam' (Nate Corddry) and 'Cassie' (Karen Olivo) represent 'Annie Bilson' (Erica Durance), a young lady who seeks vigilante justice against men who abuse women, by dressing up as the superhero 'Wonder Woman'..."

The Wonder Woman costume Durance wears is the same design worn by actress Adrienne Palicki in the "Wonder Woman" TV pilot from Warner Bros. Television and producer David E. Kelley, also producers of "Harry's Law".