Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Al Di Meola 'Morocco Fantasia'" - January 24, 2012

"Al Di Meola 'Morocco Fantasia'", will be released on DVD and Blu-ray, January 24, 2012, showcasing the 2009 concert shot @ the "Mawazine Festival" in Rabat, Morocco.

A pioneer of blending world music and jazz, going back to the Latin-tinged fusion of his 1976 album "Land of the Midnight Sun", 1977's "Elegant Gypsy" and 1978's "Casino', Di Meola's guitar stylings continue to reflect the rich influence of flamenco, tango, Middle Eastern, Brazilian and African music :

"...Al Di Meola's fantastic appearance in 2009 also represented a summit of different cultures and religions - Al Di Meola (guitar), Peo Alfonsi (2nd guitar), Fausto Beccalossie (accordion), Gumbo Ortiz (percussion), Victor Miranda (bass), Peter Kaszas (drums), and with special guests from Morocco, Said Chraibi (oud), Abdellah Meri (violin) and Tari Ben Ali (percussion). Di Meola wowed the audience with a repertoire containing not just familiar songs but also new tracks from his current album, 'Pursuit Of Radical Rhapsody'..."

Tracks include "Misterio", "Siberiana", "Double Concerto", "Michelangelo's 7th Child", "Gumbiero", "Turquoise", "Encore" and "Egyptian Danza". Bonus material includes excerpts from rehearsals, soundcheck and behind-the scenes performances.

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