Monday, November 07, 2011

Enter The "House Of Pleasures"

IFC Films' dramatic feature "House Of Pleasures", is written and directed by Bertrand Bonello, starring Hafsia Herzi, Céline Sallette, Alice Barnole, Adèle Haenel, Jasmine Trince, Iliana Zabeth and Noémie Lvovsky :

"...'House Of Pleasures' depicts the final days of a turn of the century brothel when much of the Parisian sex trade was confined to 'grand maisons', populated by elegant madams and vetted clientele.

"Within the walls of 'L'Apollonide', we follow the lives of the 'Madam' (Lvovsky) and several girls including 'Madeline' (Barnole), aka 'the woman who laughs', 'Clotilde' (Sallette) the prostitute who longs to be a 'respectable woman' and 'Pauline' (Zabeth), the newcomer whose eyes are quickly opened to reality..."

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