Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Shapeshifting Powers Of "Voodoo"

DC Comics' "Voodoo" #3, available November 23, 2011, is written by Ron Marz, with illustrations by Sami Basri, Hendry Prasetya and a cover by John Tyler Christopher.

'Priscilla Kitaen' aka 'Voodoo', is an exotic dancer with a gift called the 'Sight', allowing her to perceive if a person is possessed by ''Daemonites'. Voodoo also has the powers of limited telepathy and the ability to develop animal-like traits, including sprouting claws from her fingertips.

She was later trained by 'Zealot' in the martial arts of 'The Coda'. Priscilla is fully aware of her Daemonite heritage, using her shapeshifting abilities and telepathy tools :

"...already on the run from shadowy government agents, 'Voodoo' now must face a new threat: 'Green Lantern Kyle Rayner'. Will even her shapeshifting powers be enough to keep a GL at bay?..."

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