Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Conan: Road Of Kings" - November 16

Dark Horse Comics' "Conan: Road Of Kings" #10, available November 16, 2011, is written by Marvel Comics' original "Conan" writer Roy Thomas, with illustrations by Dan Panosian and a cover by Aleksi Briclot :

"...with 'Tarantia' under siege, 'Conan' just wants to get out of town, but the promise of a reward wins out. Drafted into an assassination plot, the 'Cimmerian' becomes part of the struggle over who will rule 'Aquilonia', while still protecting the mother and child in his care.

"But when the plan falls apart, Conan finds himself up against both an army and the palace dragon..."

In other "Conan" news, the $90 million budgeted, 3D Lionsgate fantasy live-action feature "Conan The Barbarian", released August 19, 2011, tanked with a reported domestic total gross of $21,295,021 and a foreign gross of $27,500,000 for a worldwide lifetime gross of $48,795,021.

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