Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Colin Quinn: Long Story Short"

Directed for the stage by Jerry Seinfeld and taped before a live audience at the Helen Hayes Theatre in New York City, "Colin Quinn: Long Story Short", "...showcasing the comedian's keen observations in the uproarious history of the world, juxtaposing modern-day human behavior with the rise and fall of empires..." will be available on DVD and Blu-ray, December 6, 2011:

Quinn began his comic career in New York as a regular on the comedy show circuit, making his TV debut as co-host of the MTV game show "Remote Control", followed by a 5-season stint with NBC's "Saturday Night Live" and "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn".

‘First running on Broadway, then airing on HBO, "Long Story Short", produced by Eva Price and Richard Martini has been touring throughout 2011.

Colin Quinn will be signing DVDs and Blu-rays of "Long Story Short", in New York City, Tuesday, December 6 @ Barnes & Noble, 97 Warren St at 6:00 PM.