Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Lyra' Is Consumed By Her Inner Demons

IDW Publishing's "Eternal Descent", Vol. 2 #1, available October 26, 2011, is written by Shawn McLaughlin and Llexi Leon, illustrated by Ivan Fernandez and Sergio Fernandez, with covers by Jason Metcalf and Sarti Casas :

"...the saga continues as a fallen 'Sirian' is consigned to his fate and 'Lyra' is consumed by her inner demons. The designs of 'Loki' draw near their terrible conclusion, but 'Gus G' returns to 'Eternal Descent', offering a glimmer of hope for our heroes. Can Gus and his unlikely guide rescue Sirian in time to halt the dire machinations of the 'Damned'...?"

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