Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look Effects Launches In Vancouver

VancouverFilm.Net reports that VFX house Look Effects have opened a Vancouver location in the run-down, yet highly affordable, ocean-side Gastown district, adding to their offices in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, New York.

Other production and VFX companies jumping on the Gastown bandwagon, home to dozens of modeling and talent agencies, includes Pixar, Digital Domain and Rhythm & Hues.

Look Effects prez Mark Driscoll said Gastown was preferential for the company, because of tax incentives and shooting locations.

Noted for their VFX work on numerous big budget features, including "Black Swan", "The Fountain", Legion", "Nightmare Before Christmas 3D", "District 9" and "Blood Diamond", Look Effects intends to staff their Vancouver branch with Canadian talent.

The first project for the Vancouver offices will be Summit Entertainment's upcoming horror feature, "Warm Bodies."

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