Monday, October 24, 2011

Joss Whedon: "Much Ado About Nothing"

Bellwether Pictures has announced their 'secret project', "Much Ado About Nothing", "...a film by Joss Whedon, based on a play..."

The Shakespeare comedy "Much Ado About Nothing", debuted in 1598, following 2 couples, 'Benedick' and 'Beatrice', engaged in a 'merry war'and 'Claudio' and 'Hero', 'rendered practically speechless by their love for one another'.

Cast of Whedon's film includes Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Reed Diamond, Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg, Fran Kranz, Sean Maher, Jillian Morgese, Emma Bates, Spencer Treat Clark, Ashley Johnson, Nick Kocher, Tom Lenk, Riki Lindhome, Brian McElhaney, Paul M. Meston, Romy Rosemont and Joshua Zar.

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