Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Dejah Thoris" Possessed By The 'Boora Witch'

Dynamite Entertainment's "Warlord Of Mars: Dejah Thoris "#11, is written by Robert Napton, will illustrations by Carlos Rafael and covers by Paul Renaud, Ale Garza and Fabiano Neves :

"...welcome to the 'Great Toonolian Marshes'--one of the most feared places in 'Barsoom', with 1800 miles of marsh land infested with exotic and dangerous creatures. It also possesses natural resources that 'Helium' needs for its reconstruction.

"'Dejah Thoris', along with her new pilot 'Kantos Kan', ventures into this foreboding region on an expeditionary mission. While there, Dejah is possessed by the 'Boora Witch', one of the marshes' most dangerous residents. Unknown to anyone, The Witch takes control of Dejah and starts spinning a web that could destroy Helium once and for all..."

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