Monday, October 03, 2011

Another Taste Of "Honey West"

Moonstone Entertainment's "Honey West" #6, available January 2012, is written by Trina Robbins, with illustrations by Silvestre Szilagyi and covers by Franchesco :

"...detective 'Honey West' goes undercover in a corset and pushup bra at a 'Medieval Faire' to find out who's threatening to kill the 'May Queen'. And when those beauty queens go at it tooth and nail, battling for a prize that could lead to stardom, woe betide the girl who wins..."

In other "Honey West" news, the AudioComics Company continues to push forward as the official audio theatre production arm for Moonstone, producing full-cast adaptations of its licensed, original comic books/graphic novels and short story anthologies.

The first audio dramatization will be 'Honey West', adapted by Elaine Lee from her comic book mini-series "Murder on Mars", starring Carrington MacDuffie as 'Honey West'.

The original three issue story arc featured Honey joining the cast of low-budget sci fi movie "Amazons of Mars" to investigate the murder of the film’s starlet, 'Zu Zu Varga'.

Honey must find out if the culprit is a scheming ingenue, a down-on-his-luck director, a jealous agent or an aging teen heartthrob.

"AudioComics brings a very professional quality sound, as well as great voice actors to the table, and the final result is the best we have heard," said Moonstone editor-in-chief Joe Gentile.

"It's not a plain ol' audio book, it's an audio play, like a private performance in your living room!"

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek Anne Francis as "Honey West"...