Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" In 2012

Warner Home Video continues to work on its next round of 'DC Universe' animated movies including "Justice League: Doom", adapting DC Comics' "Tower of Babel", "Superman vs. the Elite" and "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns".

"Tower of Babel", written by Mark Waid, deals with Batman's perceived betrayal of the superhuman community, by keeping records of the weaknesses of his allies in the 'Justice League', including detailed plans of how they could be eliminated in a fight.

These files are subsequently stolen by the villain 'Ra's al Ghul', who uses them to defeat the Justice League in a coordinated attack.

'Martian Manhunter' bursts into flame upon exposure to air, 'Aquaman' is rendered hydrophobic by an altered form of the 'fear' toxin used by 'Scarecrow' and 'Plastic Man' is frozen solid, then shattered by a hammer by one of Ra's al Ghul's henchmen.

'Green Lantern' is rendered blind by his own power ring, 'Wonder Woman' is trapped in a virtual reality against an opponent who is her equal, a 'vibra-bullet' strikes 'Flash' in the back of the neck, causing him to experience seizures at light speed and the skin of 'Superman' becomes transparent after exposure to' red kryptonite'.

"Superman vs. the Elite", written by Joe Kelly featured 'The Elite' super-powered anti-heroes.

They appeared in a number of stories as antagonists, before merging with members of the Justice League, to form 'Justice League Elite'.

Elite team members include 'Manchester Black', the team's first leader, 'Vera Black', his sister and the second leader, 'Coldcast', capable of manipulating electromagnetism, 'Menagerie I', who was lobotomized and placed in a coma and 'Menagerie II', currently in a 'metahuman' prison facility for the insane.

"Batman: The Dark Knight Returns", the four-issue comic book limited series written/illustrated by Frank Miller (Sin City") , was originally published in 1986 by DC Comics under the title "Batman: The Dark Knight" .

Set in a dystopian near-future version of 'Gotham City', "The Dark Knight Returns" follows a 55-year old 'Batman' who comes out of retirement to fight crime, only to face opposition from the Gotham City police force and the US government.

In this setting, virtually all superheroes, with the exception of Superman, have been forced into retirement or otherwise driven away by a distrusting populace.

'Bruce Wayne' (Batman) has voluntarily retired from crime fighting following the death of 'Jason Todd' (the second 'Robin'). In the absence of superheroes, criminals run amok, and a gang called the 'Mutants' terrorize the city.

The new DC Universe animated features will be released throughout 2012.

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