Friday, July 01, 2011

"Batman: Arkham City"

Sneak Peek the upcoming video game "Batman: Arkham City", available October 18, 2011:

Also worth noting, is that DC Comics' "Batman: Arkham City", the 5 issue mini-series, leading up to the release of the "Batman: Arkham City" game, started with the May 11, 2011 release of issue #1, written by Paul Dini, with illustrations and cover by Carlos D'Anda :

"...It's been a year since 'The Joker' took over 'Arkham' and 'Gotham' is still trying to get back to normal. Now, an attack by a pair of super-powered twins increases the threat level and triggers Gotham City's new mayor to call for drastic measures..."

In issue #2, available June 8, 2011, written by Dini, with illustrations and cover by D'Anda :

"...Amid the protests of both human rights groups and 'Bruce Wayne', a new 'Arkham' rises. 'The Joker' is scheduled to be its first inmate, but not if 'Harley Quinn' has anything to say about it. Meanwhile, the suspicions of 'Batman', lead him to investigate just who is really behind this new, sprawling asylum and what their motivations might be..."

In issue #3, available June 29, 2011, written by Dini, with illustrations and cover by D'Anda :

"... The 'Clown Prince of Crime' and his crazed paramour, 'Harley Quinn' set up their new love nest in the old 'Gotham Metal Works'. What role are they looking to play in the new 'Arkham City' – and is 'Batman' even in a position to do anything about it ?..."

In issue #4, available July 27, 2011, written by Dini, with illustrations and cover by D'Anda :

"...The gates swing shut on 'Arkham City', trapping small-time criminals and deadly super-villains behind its walls. As the prisoners struggle for survival, a rogue unit security force of 'Mayor Sharp', hunts down rival gang bosses 'The Joker' and 'Two-Face'. Not only must 'Batman' save the lives of his greatest foes, he's got to fight his way through an army to do it..."

In issue #5, available August 24, 2011, written by Dini , with illustrations and cover by D'Anda :

"...The die is cast and the criminal gulag known as 'Arkham City' is now in place. But even with its imposing walls and security measures, is anyone in 'Gotham City' really going to feel safe with a legion of criminals living next door ? But 'Batman' is determined to enter the belly of the beast and find out just who is pulling the strings..."

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