Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cancel My Subscription To The "Resurrection"

DC Comics' "Resurrection Man" #2, available October 12, 2011, is written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, with illustrations by Fernando Dagnino and a cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado :

"...the past of 'Mitch Shelley' remains a mystery. So when he goes looking for answers, will he find them? Not likely, when he has to contend with the bounty hunter femme fatales known as 'The Body Doubles'..."

Born in Viceroy, South Carolina, 'Mitchell "Mitch" Shelley' became a lawyer who found himself an unwilling test subject for experimentation in nanotechnology, involving specialized devices nicknamed 'tektites' by an organization known as 'the Lab'.

The experiments rendered Shelley an amnesiac for several months, and effectively immortal. He could still be killed, but his death would last a matter of seconds, perhaps minutes at most due to the tektites.

Their presence in Shelley's body would inevitably revive him, with a different superhuman power after each 'resurrection'.

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