Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Walking The Dead": Don't Ever Walk Alone

"Walking The Dead", the 2010 "zombie" horror feature from director Melanie Ansley, will be available on DVD, April 19, 2011, from eOne, starring Ted Biggs, Xu Dan Chad, Fan Wei Don, Li De Hai and Tian Hao :

"...In a small village in South China, the cemetery is empty. Everybody moves in slow motion and the strange and eerie seem normal. Except to 'Charles', a western reporter who has been exiled to the middle of nowhere. What he discovers is the story of his life. If he can survive to tell it. And if anyone will believe him. The only person he can trust is 'Anna'. But he slowly discovers she may or may not be what she seems. The whole town is dead. Literally. And someone is controlling them. He has only his wits to survive. And it may not be enough. The answers he finds go back to ancient China. Welcome to 'Yingyang Town'. It's no place to live..."

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