Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summit Starts Up With "Ender's Game"

Summit Entertainment reports it is in talks to co-finance and handle U.S. distribution rights for "Ender's Game", based on the science fiction novel written by author Orson Scott Card.

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are producing via their K/O Paper Products banner, along with Gigi Pritzker and Linda McDonough producing via OddLot Entertainment.

Executive producers are OddLot's Bill Lischak, K/O's Mandy Safavi and Digital Domain's Cliff Plumer/Ed Ulbrich.

Published in 1985, "Ender's Game" originated as the short story "Ender's Game", published in the August 1977 issue of "Analog Science Fiction and Fact" magazine.

Elaborating on characters and plot lines depicted in the novel, Card later wrote additional books to form the "Ender's Game" series, releasing an updated version of the book in 1991, changing some political facts to accurately reflect the times.

"...Set in Earth's future, 'Ender's Game' presents an imperiled humankind who have barely survived two conflicts with the 'Formics', an insectoid alien race aka the 'Buggers'.

"In preparation for an anticipated third invasion, an international fleet maintains a school to find and train future fleet commanders. The world's most talented children, including the novel's protagonist, 'Ender Wiggin' are taken at a young age to a training center known as the 'Battle School'. There, teachers train them in the art of war through increasingly difficult games, with Ender's tactical genius is revealed..."

Marvel Comics announced in 2008 they would publish a limited series adaptation of "Ender's Game" as the first in a comic series adapting all of Card's "Ender's Game" novels.

The first five-issue series, "Ender's Game: Battle School", is written by Christopher Yost, while the second five-issue series, "Ender’s Shadow: Battle School", is written by Mike Carey.

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