Friday, April 15, 2011

Down By "The Bay"

Lionsgate reports it has acquired US distribution rights to director Barry Levinson's 'found footage' eco-horror film "The Bay" from Alliance Films.

From the producers of the "Paranormal Activity" movie franchise, the film is the next installment in their series following "Insidious", chronicling an unprecedented biological disaster unleashed from the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, carrying a horrific disease, that jumps from fish to human hosts.

"...The true horror and scope of the event unfolds on footage captured on home videos and the internet by the town's victims..."

The movie was directed by Levinson, from a screenplay he co-wrote with Michael Wallach.

"The Bay" was produced by Levinson, Jason Blum, Steven Schneider and Oren Peli, from a screenplay co-written by Levinson and Michael Wallach.

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