Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Fantomex' Leads The 'X-Men' To Another Galaxy

Marvel Comics' "Uncanny X-Force" #12, available July 27, 2011, is written by Rick Remender, with illustrations by Mark Brooks and a cover by Esad Ribic :

"... In 'The Dark Angel Saga: Part 2 : Trapped in the Age of Apocalypse', 'Fantomex' must lead a team of 'X-Men' to a distant galaxy and steal the origins of life itself from the god race known as 'The Celestials'. On Earth, within the mysterious floating city known as 'The Sky', the rest of 'X-Force' fight through an army of twisted versions of Earth's mightiest beings as they seek a route home. If they do not succeed, and soon, 'Archangel' will become the new 'Apocalypse'..."

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