Saturday, March 05, 2011

Tracie Thoms Tied Up With Kelley's "Wonder Woman"

Actress Tracie Thoms ("Cold Case") has been cast as 'Etta Candy', in producer/writer David E. Kelley's upcoming NBC TV pilot reboot of DC Comics' "Wonder Woman".

In her 1940's "Sensation Comics" debut, the malnourished Etta is discovered by Wonder Woman at a local hospital.

WW helps Etta to rejuvenate into a 'rotund' young woman who has a great love of 'sweets'.

With her new found confidence Etta Candy soon leads the 'Beeta Lambda' sorority at 'Holiday College', while assisting WW in her adventures.

Her father, 'Hard Candy' and mother 'Sugar Candy', lived on the 'Bar-L Ranch' in 'Brazos County'. Her brother 'Mint Candy' served as a soldier in the US Army.

Etta Candy was also welcomed by the 'Amazons of Themyscira' and invited to their secret festivals and all-women sporting events.

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