Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Snow Flower And The Secret Fan" - July 15, 2011

Sneak Peek the new poster supporting the upcoming feature "Snow Flower And The Secret Fan", directed by Wayne Wang and produced by Florence Sloan, Wendi Murdoch, and Hugo Shong.

Angela Workman adapted the original screenplay, revised by Ronald Bass and Michael Ray, based on the 2005 novel, "Snow Flower And The Secret Fan"by author Lisa See.

Filmed in China, the cast stars actors Li Bingbing, Jun Ji-hyun and Hugh Jackman,

Setting her book in nineteenth century China, See writes that 'Lily', the narrator, was born in 1823 — "the third year of Emperor Daoguang's reign". The novel begins in 1903, when Lily is 80 years old. During her lifetime, Lily lives through the reigns of the four Chinese emperors, 'Daoguang' (1820–1850), 'Xianfeng' (1850–1861), 'Tongzhi' (1861–1875) and 'Guangxu' (1875–1908).

The film follows Lily's great grandchildren who presumably take a different path than their ancestors.

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