Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Zealand Western Is "Good For Nothing"

Sneak Peek the New Zealand-lensed western feature "Good For Nothing", written/directed by fomer animation co-ordinator Mike Wallis ("Avatar").

"...Having lost her father back home, a young English woman (Inge Rademeyer) steps off a locomotive in the middle of a dusty wild West outpost to stay at her uncle’s ranch. But those plans are derailed by a bad hombre (Cohen Holloway) who blows away her chaperones and claims her as 'bounty'. But after having 'performance' issues, the hombre sets out to seek treatment from local Chinese and Indian medicine men while dodging an approaching posse..."

"Good For Nothing" was filmed in New Zealand's Bendigo goldfields, Cromwell and on the Kingston Flyer steam train in Central Otago and Mackenzie Country.

"The idea of this film was that it is like a 'spaghetti' western," said Wallis, "but it is shot in New Zealand rather than Italy so it is a 'pavlova' western."

"Good For Nothing" was produced by Wallis and Rademeyer for MI Films and Chopper Productions.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Good For Nothing"...