Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Morning Becomes "Elektra Luxx"

Sneak Peek new posters upporting the upcoming comedy feature "Elektra Luxx", written, produced and directed by Sebastian Gutierrez starring Carla Gugino ("Watchmen") and Timothy Olyphant ("Deadwood") as 'Del'.

From Studio Gato Negro Films and distributed by Myriad Pictures, "Elektra Luxx" is a sequel to the feature "Women in Trouble", an ensemble comedy about one day in the lives of 10 Los Angeles women :

"...Pregnant adult film star 'Elektra Luxx' is trying to make a living teaching sex to housewives. But her life is thrown into disarray when a flight attendant with ties to Elektra’s past approaches her for a favor. Chaos ensues as fiancees, private investigators, and a twin sister force her to face up to an unexpected series of decisions and revelations..."

Co-stars include Joseph Gordon-Levitt as 'Bert Rodriguez', Malin Ã…kerman as 'Trixie', Adrianne Palicki as 'Holly Rocket', Canadian Emmanuelle Chriqui as 'Bambi' and Josh Brolin as 'Nick Chapel'.

Director Gutierrez is planning a third film for his comedy trilogy, titled "Women in Ecstasy".

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Elektra Luxx"...