Friday, March 11, 2011

Megan Fox Ruffles Feathers For A "Passion Play"

Sneak Peek new images from "Passion Play", director Mitch Glazer's debut feature, starring Mickey Rourke ("The Wrestler"), Megan Fox ("Transformers"), Bill Murray ("Stripes") and Bud Cort ("Harold And Maude").

Set in 1950's Los Angeles, "Passion Play" follows jazz trumpeter 'Nate' (Rourke), who is targeted by underworld boss 'Happy Shannon' (Murray).

Rourke manages to elude Shannon, finding solace in the company of 'Lily' (Fox), a Mexican carnival, sideshow 'freak' with wings.

"...When jazz trumpeter 'Nate Granzini' (Rourke) is taken to the desert, with a gun held to his head, we are at the beginning of a fable about romance and dreams.

"When he meets a beautiful girl who works as the 'Bird Woman' in a circus, he falls madly in love and persuades her to run away with him only to find that life is a little more complicated than simply living out one’s fantasies..."

"Passion Play" is produced by Daniel Dubiecki, Megan Ellison, Jonah Hirsch and Rebecca Wang.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Passion Play"...