Monday, March 07, 2011

Enter "Zatanna: Mistress Of Magic"

DC Comics' "Zatanna: Mistress Of Magic", available March 9, 2011, is written by Paul Dini with illustrations by Stephane Roux, Karl Story, Chad Hardin and Wayne Faucher, with a cover by Roux:

"...'Zatanna' has long made her home in San Francisco, but right under her nose a sinister threat has developed: a crime boss who dominates the criminal underworld with dark magic. The terrifying 'Brother Night' is making his play for the City by the Bay, and the police force – including detective 'Dale Colton' – turn to 'Zee' for help. But Brother Night is a whole new kind of criminal, and if Zatanna thinks she can backwards-talk him down, then she's in over her top-hatted head..."

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