Friday, February 04, 2011

VisionTV's "The Quest For The Unicorn" - February 22

The North American premiere of "The Quest For The Unicorn" airs on Canada's VisionTV, Tuesday, February 22, 10pm ET / 7pm PT.

"...From 'Ctesias' to 'Aristotle' the existence of the 'Unicorn' was attested to by people we can call scientists. It seems, however, that all historical traces of this amazing creature have been erased, buried or burned throughout the ages. 'The Quest for the Unicorn' is a jigsaw puzzle that weaves together fragments of knowledge, myth and legends, gathered by historians, artists and poets from the far corners of the world, trying to discover where the unicorn came from and why hasn't it fallen into oblivion like the 'Basilisk', 'Hydra' or 'Manticore'.

"The Quest For The Unicorn" was produced by Sally Blake and Dash Films for VisionTV, written/directed by Emmanuel Laurent .

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