Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sony Gears Up For "Zombies Vs Robots"

Sony Pictures has purchased screen rights to the 2007 IDW comic book series "Zombies VS Robots" for a film adaptation by producer Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes.

The "ZVR" comic book series was created by writer Chris Ryall and illustrated by Ashley Wood:

"...Scientists 'Throckmorton', 'Winterbottom' and 'Satterfield' create a portal for time travel, but a test of the portal's capabilities returns one of the scientists back as a dead heap. Sentient robots are then designed and used to exploit time travel, but the robots inadvertently bring back a zombie plague.

"With the human race eventually decimated, it is the sentient robots that are all that are standing between the future survival of mankind (which hinges on keeping a baby girl alive) and a seething mass of undead. The robots protect the baby until such time as they can clone the child, thus ensuring mankind's continuation..."

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