Saturday, February 05, 2011

Pre-Order The "Captain America" Movie Action Figures

Now available for pre-order, before they are released (and sold out) May 2011, Sneak Peek the highly collectible "Captain America" movie 'Wave 1' and 'Wave 2' action figure line:

"...'Captain America' never really left the war behind. Since the day he became 'America’s Super Soldier', he has done nothing but fight one battle after another. Revived in the modern day after 60 years in suspended animation, he saw evil once again rising in the world, and committed himself to battling it to the last. Your 'Ultimates Captain America' figure is ready to take on whatever evil forces come his way! Help your fierce fighter wield his dual-blade shield against his enemies, defend him from attacks and strike back with speed and power..."

The 'Wave 1' Case includes 1x 'Ultimates Captain America', 1x 'Classic Update Captain America', 1x 'Winter Soldier', 1x 'Captain America WWII'.

The 'Wave 2' Case includes 12 individually packaged action figures, including: 2x 'Bucky', 2x 'Captain Britain', 2x 'Captain America Final Mission', 1x 'TBD', 2x 'US Agent', 1x 'Crossbones', 2x 'TBD'.

Click here to pre-order the "Captain America" movie action figures.