Tuesday, January 04, 2011

"Jerry Robinson : Ambassador Of Comics"

"Jerry Robinson: Ambassador of Comics", is a 224-page hard cover from quality art book publisher, Abrams ComicArts, with over 220 full-color illustrations, written by N. C. Christopher Couch, with an introduction by Pete Hamill and foreword by Dennis O'Neil.

The collection was written in collaboration with Robinson, a member (with Bob Kane) of the original 1940's "Batman" comics team.

Robinson created supervillain the 'Joker', and co-created sidekick 'Robin' ('The Boy Wonder').

During the Golden and Silver Ages of comics, Robinson worked on every comic book genre, bringing to life his own super heroes including 'London', 'Jet Scott' and 'Atoman'.

Robinson's artistry extends beyond comic books into editorial cartooning, syndicated newspaper strips, magazine/book illustrations, fine arts, academia and photography.

Jerry Robinson is currently a Creative Consultant @ DC Comics.

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