Monday, December 13, 2010

Natalie Portman Is "Miss Dior Cherie"

She was 'Mathilda' in "Leon: The Professional", 'Padme'/'Queen Amidala' in "Star Wars", 'Nina Sayers' in the current "Black Swan" and 'Jane Foster' in the upcoming "Thor".

Now Oscar-nominated actress Natalie Portman will be the new 'face' of 'Miss Dior Cherie', by Parfums Christian Dior.

"To be honest, I had an aversion to selling things," Portman said, "but then I realized there could be a company that I would be proud to represent..."

Portman’s print campaign, going into full swing March 2011, was shot by photographer Tim Walker.
Television commercials were lensed by Oscar-nominated director Sofia Coppola.

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