Monday, December 27, 2010

'Killer Croc' In "The Dark Knight Rises" ?

According to wild rumours, will director Christopher Nolan's upcoming Warners feature "The Dark Knight Rises", feature the villains 'Killer Croc' and 'Hugo Strange', based on the DC Comics characters ?

'Killer Croc' (aka 'Waylon Jones') was created by writer Gerry Conway and illustrator Gene Colan, debuting in "Batman" #357 (March 1983).

The character was born with a form of 'regressive atavism', or an inherited trait of reptilian ancestry, augmented by the presence of a 'metagene', enabling extraordinary physical abilities relating to endurance, strength and speed.

Croc's skin is also hardened to the degree that it is nearly impenetrable to ordinary forms of abrasion including high caliber weapons fired from a distance.

'Professor Hugo Strange' first appeared in "Detective Comics" #36 (February 1940) and is one of Batman's first recurring villains, preceding the 'Joker' and 'Catwoman'.

Female lead in "The Dark Knight Rises" will be the DC Comics character 'Talia al Ghul', debuting in "Detective Comics" #411 (May 1971).

Talia is the estranged daughter of supervillain 'Ra's al Ghul', a love interest for Batman and the mother of his son, 'Damian Wayne'.

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