Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dynamite's "Warlord Of Mars" - March 2011

Dynamite Comics' "Warlord Of Mars" #6, will be available March 2011, written by Arvid Nelson, with art by Lui Antonio and covers by Joe Jusko, Lucio Parrillo, Stephen Sadowski and Patrick Berkenkotter :

"...'Dejah Thoris' and 'John Carter' travel to the dreaded city of 'Thark', where the green Martian warlord awaits. Unfortunately for them, the big, slobbery green monster has a thing for red Martian girls. Fortunately, John Carter has super-human strength, and a super-human will to go along with it! Carter realizes he and Dejah cannot remain captives of the green Martians any longer. But the green Martians aren't giving up without a fight. And if they do escape, what terrors await them in the harsh and desolate wilderness of Mars?..."

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