Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dan Brown Finds "The Lost Symbol"

Bestselling author Dan Brown ("The Da Vinci Code") will adapt his newest novel, "The Lost Symbol" for Columbia Pictures as a screenplay, the first time the author has been approached by the studio to adapt one of his books for film.

"The Lost Symbol" immediately broke sales records on its September 15, 2009 release, becoming the fastest selling adult-market novel in history, with over one million copies sold on the first day.

"...Harvard symbologist 'Robert Langdon' is summoned to give a lecture at the United States Capitol, with the invitation apparently from his mentor, a 33rd degree Mason named Peter Solomon, who is the head of the Smithsonian Institute. Solomon has also asked Langdon to bring a small package which he had entrusted to him for safekeeping years earlier.

"When Langdon arrives at the Capitol, however, he learns that the invitation he received was not from Solomon, but from Solomon's kidnapper, who has left Solomon's severed right hand in the middle of the Capitol Rotunda in a recreation of the 'Hand of Mysteries'. The kidnapper then contacts Langdon, charging him with finding both the Mason's 'Pyramid', which Masons believe is hidden somewhere underground in Washington DC, or Solomon will be executed..."

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