Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dynamite Sinks Their Teeth Into "Vampirella"

Dynamite Entertainment reintroduces readers to "Vampirella", the alien seductress from the planet 'Drakulon', as she prowls back on the trail of her nemesis, 'Vlad Dracula' :

"...It's a darker world for 'Vampirella', as something more sinister than vampires lurks in the shadows, something even Dracula himself has cause to fear..."

"...'Vampirella' finally tracks Vlad to Seattle and a vicious nest of vampires preying on the young and the lost.

"In the clutches of 'Le Fanu'-one of Dracula's oldest and most trusted lieutenants - Vampirella must face a growing threat more terrifying than any she has ever encountered... for Le Fanu has exposed Vampirella to her own deepest and darkest secrets - Vampirella herself..."

"...Vampirella comes face to face with Vlad Dracula, but before their showdown, she must unravel the mystery of the 'Crown of Worms'... and solving that puzzle may spell her destruction..."

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