Tuesday, November 02, 2010

"Deep Gold": Trust No One

"Deep Gold" is a new action feature, directed by Michael J.G. Gleissner, lensed in Cebu, Philippines for producers Bigfoot Entertainment:

"...Philippine's free diver 'Amy Sanchez' (Bebe Pham) has just broken a very difficult free diving record when she is informed that her boyfriend 'Tony', who was working as a pilot for the Philippine Air Force, has mysteriously disappeared on a plane that was carrying a fortune in gold bullion for the Central Bank in Manila.

"Determined to discover the truth, Amy initiates an investigation together with her sister to find out the truth about her boyfriend's disappearance.

"Little does she suspect what she is about to uncover, entangling herself in a web of lies before realizing she is involved in a much larger conspiracy..."

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