Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Absolutely Fabulous" On VisionTV

Canada's VisionTV reports that the third season of Brit comedy hit "Absolutely Fabulous" will air exclusively over the network, starting November 25 at 8pm.

Episodes include:

"DOORHANDLE": "...'Edina' has got an electronic organizer and a plan to become a model - ofefficiency that is. And what's more efficient than flying to New York on Concorde for a doorknob?..."

"HAPPY NEW YEAR": "...It's New Year's Eve and Edina has got a full house - including the ultra-glam sister of 'Patsy'. But Edina 's not going to let the crowd interfere with her resolution to have more fun..."

"SEX": "...Patsy and Edina plan to get in touch with their sexuality - they've scheduled an orgy..."

"JEALOUS": "...Edina 's feeling low and needs an award for her PR work to make her feel better. Supermodel Naomi Campbell could be her ticket to success..."

"FEAR": "...'Saffy' has moved out to attend college, Patsy may move to New York andsuddenly Edina is free to change the whole direction of her life..."

"THE END": "...Cosmodrama, deep breathing, sand play - Edina 's on a quest for inner peace and enlightenment. Before the search drives her crazy, she'd better find Patsy in New York..."

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