Thursday, October 14, 2010

Strange Weather Corners "The Walls Of The Universe"

Strange Weather's Aron Warner and Andrew Adamson have optioned author Paul Melko's science fiction novel "The Walls of the Universe".

"We think it has a ton of potential," said Warner, "to explore the idea of parallel universes in a personal way, like 'Back to the Future' did with time travel."

Premise of the book follows a high school senior on a trip across divergent time lines, as 'John Rayburn' is approached by 'John Prime', another version of himself, who lends him a device that permits travel to parallel worlds.

But John soon realizes he's been tricked when he can't get back home, stopping in an almost-familiar universe to analyze the device and return to his own world, while Prime tries to get rich quick by inventing gadgets his new home lacks.

Soon the two are making friends and putting down roots, each discovering that he carries his own fundamentally empathetic, responsible personality from one universe to another...

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