Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oakley Looks Into "TRON: Legacy"

Oakley, Inc. will release a special edition of 3D eyewear in November, to support the upcoming 3D release of "TRON: Legacy", opening across North America, December 17, 2010.

"The premiere of 'TRON: Legacy' is a great opportunity for us to introduce moviegoers to the unique innovations of Oakley 3D eyewear," said Oakley CEO Colin Baden. "This film will be an incredible visual experience, and those who view it with our eyewear will get the most out of it by enjoying the clarity and 3D performance..."

"Collaborating with Oakley provided Disney with a great opportunity to interpret the aesthetics and themes of 'TRON: Legacy' into cutting edge eyewear for fans to enjoy," said Stephen Teglas, vice president and general manager of Fashion & Home North America at Disney Consumer Products.

Oakley 3D eyewear, features 'HDO-3D', a collection of proprietary lens innovations that eliminates 'ghosting' or 'crosstalk' between images, and offer a unique lens curvature, providing a wider field of view and minimum glare.

3D Gascan is also designed with a 'Three-Point Fit' to retain the lenses in optical alignment, eliminating unbalanced pressure points. The lightweight frame makes contact only at the sides of the head and bridge of the nose.

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