Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Hammer Time For Sega's "Thor"

Sega's "Thor: The Video Game", based on the Marvel Comics superhero, will be available as a tie-in to the upcoming Marvel Studios, Paramount feature film "Thor", opening during the summer of 2011.

Written by "Thor" comic book author Matt Fraction, combat in the game will consist of 'combo-oriented melee attacks' using Thor's magic hammer 'Mjolnir', which can also be thrown for quick projectile impact.

Thor will also be able to use his 'Norse god' powers, utilizing control over thunder, wind and lightning.

The Wii version of "Thor", developed by Red Fly, will offer a vibrant. comic book color palette, with the ability to swing the Wii Remote like a hammer.

A DS version of the game is being developed by A Boy and His Blob and Wayforward.

"We are proud to be bringing Marvel’s Thor to his first solo video game adventure," said Gary Knight, Senior VP Marketing, SEGA Europe/SEGA America.
"'Thor: The Video Game' will finally bring the immense power of this iconic hero to lifelong fans and introduce the 'God of Thunder' to a whole new audience as a true Marvel Super Hero."

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