Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Bar Karma": A Mystical Watering Hole At The End Of The Universe

Will Wright, creator of video games "Sims," "Sim City" and "Spore" will co-produce a new TV series called "Bar Karma", aka 'A Mystical Watering Hole At The End Of The Universe', for Al Gore's Current TV.

Anchored by technology that Wright developed exclusively for Current TV, the series will enlist viewers to join an online global community @
"Current TV's Creation Studios."

At this virtual online studio, users will participate in the development of all creative/technical aspects of the show's production, communicating directly with producers of the show.

Albie Hecht, former President of Spike TV and President of Entertainment at Nickelodeon, is Wright's co-creator on the project and will executive produce the series for Worldwide Biggies. David Cohn, former General Manager of MTV2, will serve as executive in charge for Current TV.

"I have always been excited by innovation and what we are creating is unlike anything on television," said Hecht. "The technology that Will has invented empowers viewers to participate, but also provides direct communication to me and my production team.

"We will be taking our cues from the viewers, working with them and then quickly producing high quality, original content. This is truly a paradigm-changing project that will showcase the creativity of the general public in shaping a television series."

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