Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Smallville: Supergirl"- October 8

Sneak Peek new images supporting the episode "Supergirl", guest-starring Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort, on the Vancouver-lensed Superman TV series "Smallville", airing Friday, Oct. 8 :

"...'Clark' (Tom Welling) is stunned when 'Kara' (Vandervoort) returns to Earth and tells him 'Jor El' sent her to stop the dark force that is coming because he doesn't believe Clark can handle it.

"Meanwhile, 'Lois' (Erica Durance) confronts 'Gordon Godfrey' (Michael Daingerfield), a shock jock radio DJ who has been crusading against heroes, after he threatens the 'Green Arrow' (Justin Hartley).

"However, after Godfrey is possessed by the dark force, he takes Lois hostage and Clark and Kara have to come to her rescue..."

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