Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Joaquin Phoenix: Not All There In "I'm Still Here"

"I'm Still Here" is Magnolia Films' new documentary by director Casey Affleck, following actor Joaquin Phoenix ("Gladiator"), from the announcement of his acting retirement, through his transition into a career as a failed, obnoxious 'hip hop' rapper.

Phoenix' 'performance' in "I'm Still Here", eerily resembles actor Maury Chaykin's turn as 'Desmond Howl', the burnt-out, slovenly automaton in director Richard J. Lewis, 1994 Canadian feature "Whale Music".

After "I'm Still Here" was mauled by critics for its candid depiction of Phoenix as a narcissistic, chain-smoking, drug-addled a-hole, destined to wind up like John Belushi, director Affleck was quick to point out that the film was an elaborately-staged 'faked' concoction, and that the mental-case up on screen was merely 'acting', including scenes of Phoenix vomiting in the toilet (CGI?) or having an assistant shit on his face while he is sleeping (bluescreen?)

Affleck has admitted he inserted a juvenile sequence in the beginning of the film, then referred back to it again in the end to give the film more full-circle relevancy.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "I'm Still Here" and "Whale Music"...