Friday, August 20, 2010

Film Extras Dummy Up On Set

Gardena, California company "Inflatable Crowd" owns 30,000 inflatable dolls which it rents out to studios, to replace movie background performer 'extras'.

Notable movies using the dolls include director Clint Eastwood's upcoming Warners feature "Hereafter", Marvel's "Iron Man 2", Disney's "Step Up 3D", Sony's "Angels and Demons", Universal's "The Changeling", Warners "Ocean 13", Universal's "American Gangster", Sony's "Spider-Man 3", and Warners "Flags Of Our Fathers".

According to the company, producers prefer to rent the dolls because "union extras typically earn $135 a day, but rates can be as high as $300 with overtime..."

The recent film "Salt" used 500 of the company's dolls in a key scene.

The plastic dummies have appeared in a total of 90 films, following their debut in the 2002 feature "Sea Biscuit".

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