Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Panzer 88"

The indie horror feature "Panzer 88", from director Peter Briggs, co-writer of the "Hellboy" screenplay, will follow a WW II five-man German tank crew terrorized by a supernatural creature.

"Panzer 88" will be produced by "Star Wars" executive Gary Kurtz with the Richard Taylor/Peter Jackson production house Weta Workshop on board to supply VFX.

Weta will construct a full-scale German King Tiger tank for the film, with the entire production to shoot in Wellington, New Zealand, where Jackson's Stone Street Studios and Park Road Post are located.

Premise of "Panzer 88" will be similar in tone to director Michael Mann's 1983 horror feature "The Keep", that has yet to see a DVD release.

Based on the best-seller by author F. P. Wilson,

"The Keep", set in Romania, circa 1942, follows a detachment of the German Army sent to guard a mysterious Romanian citadel located on a strategic mountain pass. When soldiers begin to be mysteriously murdered, a vengeful creature is found to be trapped within the building.
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