Sunday, July 04, 2010

Samuel L. Jackson Chills With "Cold Space"

Following the success of "Afro Samurai" from a comic book to a brand, BOOM! Studios 4-issue comic book mini-series "Cold Space" is also created by actor Samuel L. Jackson and Emmy-nominated writer/producer Eric Calderon, with illustrations by Jeremy Rock and covers by Dave Johnson/Jeffrey Spokes.

"...'Cold Space' follows the adventures of an on-the-run outlaw as he crash-lands on a hostile planet that is on the brink of civil war. Finding himself in the crossfire between two warring factions, 'Mullbery' realizes that in chaos lies opportunity — because where there’s war, there’s money to be made..."

“I’m a long time comic reader," said Jackson, " and a big fan of many genres in graphic novels and manga – from crime thrillers, westerns, & super-hero books, to samurai dramas, science fiction and horror. So I actually do read the stuff – and lots of it. Now’s my chance to put my stamp on the medium with something new, but with a classic taste of the stuff I already like.”

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