Friday, July 09, 2010

New Orleans Is Going "Green"

ABC affiliate ABC26 WGNO, New Orleans, recently went behind the scenes on director Martin Campbell's film set, for Day 80 of the upcoming DC Comics superhero live-action, 3D feature adaptation "Green Lantern".

"Green Lantern" stars Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds as test pilot 'Hal Jordan' who is given cosmic powers to become Earth's "Green Lantern" superhero, with the ability to transmute 'green energy' into solid mass.

According to Campbell some of the 'alien' comic book characters set to appear in the film will include 'Kilowog', "Tomar-Re', 'Abin-Sur' and the villain 'Sinestro'.

'Carol', Hal Jordan's girlfriend is played by actress Blake Lively.

"All the main characters are there," said Campbell. "And it's a complex story."

"The origin story of Green Lantern is complex, probably one of the most complex, which makes it a challenge to get it right..."

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