Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Archie Firsts": Special Edition- December 1

"Archie Firsts", showcases the first comics appearances of 'Archie Andrews', 'Betty Cooper', 'Veronica Lodge', 'Jughead Jones', 'Reggie Mantle' and all the other characters at 'Riverdale High'.

"...They're more than zany teenagers. They're the flagship characters for one of the most beloved and long-running series in comics history..."

The special edition hard-cover collection features the first "Archie" story from "Pep Comics" #1, all the Archie stories from "Archie" #1, all the Betty and Veronica stories from "Betty and Veronica" #1, the first Reggie story from "Jackpot Comics" #5, all the Reggie stories from "Reggie" #1 and all the Jughead stories from "Jughead" #1.

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