Sunday, June 06, 2010

Silver Likes "Lobo"

Producer Joel Silver ("Sherlock Holmes") is looking for another director for Warners developing big screen adaptation of DC Comics "Lobo", now that "Holmes" director Guy Ritchie has signed on to direct a "Sherlock Holmes 2" sequel.

"I want to do 'Lobo', said Silver. "We're working on the script now a little bit more. We learned a lot as we did a test — a very effective test..."

The comic book character 'Lobo', created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, debuted in DC Comics' "Omega Men" #3 (June 1983), as an alien 'interstellar mercenary' and bounty hunter. Although first introduced as a villain, the character was revived as an anti-hero biker in the early 1990's, intended as an over-the-top parody of Marvel Comics "Wolverine".

"I have no idea why Lobo took off," Giffen said. "I came up with him as an indictment of the 'Punisher', 'Wolverine', hero prototype and somehow he caught on as a poster boy..."
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