Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Taste Of "Honey West"

Moonstone's "Honey West", written by Trina Robbins, illustrated by Cynthia Martin, signals the return of the world's first TV female private eye.

"...When piano player/dancer 'Mimi Malloy' walks into Honey West's office saying there's been a killing at her nightclub, the 'Purple Pussy', Honey goes undercover as a go-go dancer and mixes it up with Hollywood hippies to uncover the "Killer on the Keys..."

The original "Honey West" TV series, produced by the ABC network, ran for 30 episodes during the 1965-1966 television season, starring Anne Francis as female private detective 'Honey West.

The show was based on the Honey West character created by Gloria and Forrest E. "Skip" Fickling under the pseudonym "G.G. Fickling" in the late 1950's.

Looking to be the 'American answer' to popular female TV characters like 'Emma Peel' ' in the UK series "The Avengers", Anne Francis went on to win a Golden Globe Award for her first (and only) season performance.

In the series, West had a partner and 'man-Friday' named 'Sam' (John Ericson), who usually stayed in their high-tech surveillance van talking to Honey via a radio hidden in her lipstick case. Her alluring feline qualites were emphasized by her leopard spot facial mole, animal-print wardrobe and decor.

Sneaking around at night engaging in energetic fight sequences, Honey also wore a black fabric bodystocking reminiscent of Emma Peel's leather jumpsuit.

Copying Peel's Lotus Elan sports car, Honey's AC Cobra convertible also reflected on her independence and vitality, also working on solo undercover missions that required a provocative outfit, using a number of James Bond-type gimmicks including exploding compact, garter-belt gas mask and tear-gas earrings.

A developing "Honey West" feature is currently in the works.

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