Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo"

According to the new documentary "Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo", in Japan, insects are sold live in vending machines/department stores, and are the subject of the No. 1 videogame, "MushiKing: Battle Of The Beatles".

"...Through history and adventure, "Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo" travels all the way back in time to stories of the fabled first emperor who named Japan the 'Isle of the Dragonflies'. Interspersed with the philosophies of Japanese best-selling author/anatomist, Dr. Takeshi Yoro, 'Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo' is set to the rhythm of traditional Japanese values in its attention to detail, harmony, and the appreciation of the seemingly mundane.

"It quietly challenges the viewer to observe the world from an uncommon perspective that will shift the familiar to the fantastic and just might change not only the way we think about bugs, but the way we think about life..."