Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Captain Future" Movie

Director Christian Alvart ("Pandorum") continues to develop an adaptation of the pulp magazine character "Captain Future" for a big screen feature.The first "Captain Future" stories, created by Better Publications Editor Mort Weisinger in 1939, were authored by science fiction writer Edmond Hamilton for Ned Pines' Thrilling/Standard/Better Publications magazines, from 1940 to 1951, with later stories appearing in 'Startling Stories' magazine.
Set in 1990, 'Captain Future' is 'Curtis Newton', a scientist/adventurer who roams the solar system vanquishing supervillains. The series begins when scientist 'Roger Newton', his wife 'Elaine' and scientist 'Simon Wright' leave planet Earth for research in an isolated laboratory on the moon. As the elderly Simon's healthy brain is transplanted into an artificial floating case, the two scientists create the robot 'Grag' and an android, with shape-shifting abilities called 'Otho'.
Director Alvart is intent on adapting the character as a "big fun space opera for the whole family", to be produced in Europe with an international cast.Click the images to enlarge...